"If we as a community don't step up
to help each other, then who will?"
- Kathy Grimes

Automaxx Attends Calgary Flames Practice

Automaxx would like to give a very special thanks to Mark Giordano and The Calgary Flames for inviting a few our staff and their families down to the Saddledome to be a part of this very special experience.  The kids had a blast and were so excited to meet the captain of the team!

Automaxx is the proud vehicle sponsor of Mark Giordano for 2018.

Automaxx Attends Flames Practice in Calgary, AB 

'YYC Dealership Challenge'

Our dealership challenged other Calgary dealerships to partake in our YYC Dealership Challenge; a challenge in which we created to encourage other car dealers to give back to the community in some way over the holidays.  Automaxx chose to donate 200 turkeys to The Mustard Seed, Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter and The Calgary Drop-in & Rehab Center which provided Christmas dinners to more than 2,000 Calgarians in need.

Automaxx used car dealership service project 

Automaxx Wins 
'Favorite Used Car Dealership'

Automaxx was voted Calgary's Favorite Used Car Dealership of 2017 by Metro Community Choice Awards.  We'd like to give a big thanks to all of our wonderful customers for voting for us this year!

community choice award for our used car dealership in Calgary AB 

YYC's 'Scooter Guy' Goes Viral

A man dubbed YYC's 'Scooter Guy' got a new vehicle for Christmas after a video of him riding his scooter along the QEII Highway during a winter blizzard went viral.  Automaxx teamed up with 98.5FM Virgin Radio to track the man down and ask the question everyone was wanting to know...'Why ride a scooter in a blizzard?'  His answer? He simply 'needed to get to church'.

After speaking with employers, close friends and acquaintances we came to learn of his generosity and just how much he's given back to the community while having very little of his own.  Automaxx decided to gift him with a 2010 Dodge Charger SXT AWD on Saturday, December 10th 2016 which left our team experiencing all the feels!  But the donations didn't stop there...

happy customer buying a car at our used car dealership in Calgary
  Scooter Guy" (left) pictured with General Manager, Chris Thin (right) and his new car donated to him from Automaxx Automotive

Action Insurance gifted the man with 6 months of free insurance along with our friend, Kathy at GlobalWarranty who covered his 3 year warranty.  Tyler Hall from 98.5 Virgin Radio also created a GoFundMe page and managed to raise just over $6,800 to cover the cost of gas and maintenance of the car, as well.

We'd like to give a big thanks to everyone who was able to help out with making this Christmas gift possible for an incredibly deserving individual.  We encourage everyone reading this to partake in one good deed this Christmas, whether it be for the community or for an individual -- because nothing feels better than knowing you've made a positive difference in the life/lives of others.  Merry Christmas.

happy custom with used car from our dealership in Calgary     

5 star review from Alex  about reliable used cars 
5 star review for auto dealership in Calgary from Jeff 
5 star review for our auto dealership in Calgary form Glen 

"Without a sense of caring,
there can be no sense of community."
- Anthony J. D'Angelo

Lending A Helping Hand

A mother of two made headlines after she was duped by Calgary used-car dealership, Gallery of Fine Cars to purchase a vehicle with several overseen mechanical issues, despite a clean inspection and CarProof report.  After reading the CBC News article online, our team managed to track her down to get more of the story.  Surely, the dealership had failed her and with little trust left in the industry, we decided to step in.

Automaxx offered a free 85-point mechanical fitness assessment only to find out how much work needed to be done in order for the vehicle to be deemed safe enough for the roads and our findings were...well, you guessed it...pretty terrible.

 Custom who just purchased used SUV from our used car dealership in Calgary   Used Jeep Grand Cherokee purchased from our used suv dealership in Calgary 
Mother Jessica Travadi pictured above (left).   Photo courtesy of CBC News Calgary.

Given the position she was in and having the lack of funds to cover the extent of the repairs, we were more than happy to cover  $2,914.90 in pro-bono along with a $500 insurance deductible for previous hail damage on the unit.  After all of this, we're just happy knowing that she can now travel with her children safely with a reliable vehicle to take them to and from their appointments.

The extent of our findings included (though, were not limited to):
  • Leaking radiator
  • Cracked (left) rear brake shoe, corrosion in brake drum
  • Front brakes required resurfacing and pads de-glazed
  • Rear shoes and rotors needed replacement
  • Cracked engine mount, causing leakage
  • Front tire leak
  • Steering wheel alignment issues
  • Safety recall on sun visors

old car parts 

Merry Christmas to Jessica and her family from all of us here at Automaxx.

5 star review from Michael about our used cars in Calgary AB 
5 star review from Val about our used car dealership in Calgary AB 
5 star review about our used car dealership in Calgary AB from Carlito 
*AMVIC licensed retail dealer.
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